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Discounts across Releases

September 29, 2016

Due to many changes happening, it has been decided to have a huge discount across all releases on Xperiment XIII. These discounts have been applied on all the releases already so no need to enter any codes to receive it. All you have to do is head on over to the Bandcamp shop of either the artists directly or the label. This is only while stock lasts and some releases are down to the last few so be quick and show your support for the patients and releases on Xperiment XIII.


Links have been provided below with prices so view, click and enjoy:


Neuro-Sentence – The Shores of Anhedonia – Now $5 for CD

Pheromone – November – Now $4 for CD

Obsidian FX – Chaos Century Child – Now $4 for CD

Sarcophagic – Birth Of The Betrayer – Now $7 for CD

Cellhavoc – Only Filth Remains – Now $6 for CD


Parasite of God – Outcasts and Freaks 2CD Deluxe Edition Package – Now $23 for Package

Parasite of God – Outcast and Freaks 2 CD Deluxe CD ONLY – Now $14 for CD Only


Please support by purchasing these releases and letting others know about the patients.

A new ERA is almost upon us and we must make room for the changes to take place.

Parasite of God debut album + new video

January 1, 2016

As you may have heard, Parasite of God have a brand new video out for the track “Through Sorrow” which can be found on their debut album Outcasts and Freaks.
Parasite of God - Through Sorrows Video
Outcasts and Freaks is up for Pre-Order in a Limited Edition 2 CD package:

Limited 2CD Deluxe Gatefold Edition Package
Replicated CD and Premium 410gsm stock used for Digiwallet
12 Page Booklet which is a visual masterpiece
Spot Gloss on Matt to make the beautifully dark artwork come alive
Double Sided printing so no area left untouched
ANTISTATIC Plastic Inner Sleeve for CDs
Resealable Cello Outer Sleeve to Protect CD Package

Also included:
1x Band Autographed A6 Postcard
5x POG A6 Fridge Magnets with Artwork [High-quality | Vinyl material]
2x POG Stickers [Different Artwork on each]
1x POG Keyring Torch for First 30 orders ONLY

Dark Haunting Artwork by Tomoki Hayasaka of Sheerheart –
Mastering done once more by X-FUSION MUSIC PRODUCTION [ ]



CD1 – Outcasts And Freaks
01. Outcast
02. In The Shadows
03. Breaking The Girl
04. Vanta Black
05. Legion
06. Through Sorrows
07. Virgin Blood
08. Black Widow
09. Nine
10. Fucked Up

CD2 – Freaks Unleashed
01. Black Widow (WEBSPlNNER Remix by Valhall)
02. In The Shadows (The Left Hand of Creation Remix)
03. Breaking The Girl (Violet7rip Remix)
04. Through Sorrows (Pheromone Remix)
05. Virgin Blood (Noisuf-X Remix)
06. Black Widow (Obsidian FX Remix)
07. In The Shadows (Cellhavoc Remix)
08. Breaking The Girl (Aengeldust Remix)
09. Through Sorrows (Ruinizer Remix)
10. Virgin Blood (The Luna Sequence Remix)
11. Black Widow (Acylum Remix)
12. In The Shadows (Ironhand Remix)
13. Breaking The Girl (CygnosiC Remix)
14. Virgin blood (vProjekt Remix)


New Releases

August 8, 2015

The last few months of this year are going to be filled with more haunting music and horror soundscapes than even expected. The atmosphere at Xperiment XIII has been drenched with excitement and fear. So much to do and so little time.

First off let there be one or two announcements!

Obsidian FX have created an album titled Chaos Century Child which can be found on bandcamp here :

Be sure to Pre-Order it soon as for a Limited Time it will be only $6 for a CD which comes with a digital download. This won’t last long however and the price will increase over time; when, no-one knows so click the link and order it now!


Oh and don’t forget that Cellhavoc have their stunning release still up for Pre-Order titled Only Filth Remains. It is well worth listening to and supporting. Industrial Electro Metal of the highest degree!!! Only $8 during Pre-Order which again, won’t last forever. Get it now over here :


New Patients have Arrived

May 10, 2015

Xperiment XIII are proud to announce the arrival of new patients Cellhavoc.

Patient bio and details can now be read here.

Welcome them by checking out their Facebook Page and giving a like if you love them. Download their debut album released in 2014 “Consumed By Eternal Darkness” for “Name Your Price” now!


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