Xperiment XIII

Through Music Everyone Can Find Salvation

A new breed of Dark Music Label has been spawned within the bowels of an insane asylum.

Patients are given active music therapy in order to improve their mental and spiritual self.
Through encouraged music creativity;
they are able to explore their inner selves and express emotions once bottled within.
Their sessions are recorded and once in a while, released into the public.
This is an art form that varies from patient to patient and should be viewed and listened to with an open mind.

Styles of expression include but are not limited too being placed in a conformative box:
Black Metal | Symphonic Black Metal | Black EBM Metal | Black Industrial Metal
ELectro-Industrial | Dark Industrial Metal | Cyber Metal | DeadWave | Necro-Electro
…and Genres not yet Coined by the Clichés of Society. Hybrids for a new world order…
“Support the scene you are a part of, Support the artists you love
Respect the rights they have And the copyrights of the art they create”