Pseudonym for releases: Cellhavoc
Genres Inclined Towards: Cyber Metal, EBM, Aggrotech

Miko is a patient that has much experience with musical therapy and found inner peace through creation with electronic elements. After one recording he was joined by fellow patient Pasi who provided lyrics and vocals for the 2nd release. Together they are known as Cellhavoc.

As patients of Xperiment XIII, I have found them to be best left to creative impulses and so they are left in a room surrounded by instruments hooked up to electricity. Musical therapy has proven very effective and they are often found wondering the halls in search of others to create with.

There is much in store for these patients with many recordings in the future. Explore their world today and listen to both Consumed By Eternal Darkness and Only Filth Remains. I am sure you will find them to be of a suitable dark atmosphere with fusions of metal, EBM, Dark Electro and more.

Bandcamp: Bandcamp: https://cellhavoc.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cellhavoc