Pseudonym for releases: Ironhand
Genres Inclined Towards:
Industrial, Aggrotech, Black Electro Metal, Dark Ambient, EBM, Kitchen Sink

Ironhand is a patient that is mostly left to their own accord. Musical instruments lay scattered in their room so that when creativity strikes then they can explore it.

The patient also identifies within other pseudonyms like Sarcophagic and is inclined to group therapy when the need arises.

In solitude we see the subtle changes in emotion as chords are struck. The tales told are fact and fiction melded together with such force that one cannot tell the difference.

Thus far; besides a volume of previous recordings; we have had a recording titled Hello, Operator which is an EP written in the mindset of the dreaded slenderman. Yes, even here at Xperiment XIII, the slenderman idea has infiltrated. One has to wonder on the social aspect of when such creatures are spawn from creativity; how much it would take for it to leap from fiction to fact.

The next offering is a more personal affair in the form of Poison. It was recorded during a more difficult period and it can be felt on the recording. Poison is a personal journey of love wilting in the shadows. It is about a life caught in the flames of truth. Memories lingering in blurry mornings and self-immolation.

There is no escape from facing every raw interaction. As the music plays, emotions are flayed and wrapped tightly around you.

Expect more recordings to follow as we move this patient onto a more intense routine of music therapy. Till then, explore the latest offering and more below.

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