New Releases

August 8, 2015

The last few months of this year are going to be filled with more haunting music and horror soundscapes than even expected. The atmosphere at Xperiment XIII has been drenched with excitement and fear. So much to do and so little time.

First off let there be one or two announcements!

Obsidian FX have created an album titled Chaos Century Child which can be found on bandcamp here :

Be sure to Pre-Order it soon as for a Limited Time it will be only $6 for a CD which comes with a digital download. This won’t last long however and the price will increase over time; when, no-one knows so click the link and order it now!


Oh and don’t forget that Cellhavoc have their stunning release still up for Pre-Order titled Only Filth Remains. It is well worth listening to and supporting. Industrial Electro Metal of the highest degree!!! Only $8 during Pre-Order which again, won’t last forever. Get it now over here :