Ov Shadows

Pseudonym for releases: Ov Shadows
Genres Inclined Towards: Black Metal

Bringing a dark intensity, these patients united in creativity to form Waning. After many successful releases they concluded it was time to move on and in doing so became what is now Ov Shadows. This is their present and future state of co-existence.

The patients are extremely intense and as such, are best to be left to create in the shadows of their rooms. They appear to enjoy the shadows and thus I have taken to lighting candles so that the shadows may bounce and flicker into life around them.

Thus far there has been one recording in the form of a 3 track EP titled Monologues which is being re-released in CD format. The recording equipment is always on and as such I am sure that there will be many more recordings in the near future for these talented patients.

“Embrace your shadow self – your dark aspects. Don’t hide away. Let those harmless creatures, turn into raging monsters. Let chaos guide your consciousness.”


Bandcamp: https://ovshadows.bandcamp.com/releases
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ovshadowsofficial