Cellhavoc “Only Filth Remains”

In the distant future, technology has rapidly advanced and humanity is living in abundance.

However as has been the case in the past, the poor are left to struggle while the wealthy enjoy the luxury created. A paradise with long stretching shadows that seek out to cover the ones left behind and without.

The protagonist is a soldier who works for the government and keeps the land clean of lowlife, or so called Filth. Soon he starts to question the system and it’s policy of right and wrong. In a world that offers so much, how can any human be left wanting.

The answers he discovers lead him to fight back against a society built upon the broken backs of the disadvantaged.

This is his story and now it is your journey.

What will you see when you stare into the Abyss?

Only Filth Remains…
released 06 June 2015

Recorded, Engineered, and Produced by Cellhavoc
Mixed by Celhavoc
Mastered by X-Fusion Music Production [www.x-m-p.de]
Artwork by Cellhavoc

Cellhavoc is:
Music by Miko Lauronen | Vocals & lyrics by Pasi Perätalo

Part of the lyrics & vocals:
Track 2 (We Are) by Jörmungandr from Audiocentesis
Track 7 (Psychosis) by Exemia [Also known as] Fabian Morelos Aldana

Female vocals in Track 4 (Rain) by Maija Rautasuo