Neuro-Sentence “The Shores Of Anhedonia”

Neuro-Sentence "The Shores Of Anhedonia"

Neuro-Sentence has been transferred to maximum security hospital indefinitely… Court-appointed physician, Dr. Clive Rae from the Xperiment XIII clinic for the necro and morbidly insane will be handling all further contact with the outside world. But do not slit your wrists just yet, as they will be allowed to continue creating music, be let out for tours upon serious request and have contact with the outside world to some degree. At this time it is in the best interest of the community to spread the news for their continued survival.

The band describes their music as Necro-Electro and the description fits perfectly. The vocals are deep and bristling with emotion and strength set against an atmospheric and industrial beaten landscape that pulsates through your soul.

“The Shores Of Anhedonia” is a disturbingly proficient debut album from a band set upon leaving victims scattered in their wake.

Visuals have been provided by the talented Tomoki Hayasaka of SHEERHEART

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Warning: This music is extremely addictive
released 14 February 2014
Recorded, Engineered, and Produced by Neuro-Sentence
Mixed by Kevin at Cloven Hoof Audio and Neuro-Sentence
Mastered by Thoughtcat Mastering
Artwork by Tomoki Hayasaka/SHEERHEART
Copyright (c) 2014 Neuro-Sentence / Xperiment XIII