Obsidian FX “Chaos Century Child”

Chaos Century Child is a story told in a few phrases.

It is a miserable journey of a broken man…and this Man is the face of Humanity.

The ghost of an unborn Child is showing him the world we’re living in through the glass of reality. We should never forget about the things we can’t see or feel for it is all around us. It embraces us every second of our life, holds tight and never lets us go. You may call it Karma.

The Karma of this Man was rotten. This unfortunate man didn’t even know that this Child is a ghost of his own child…unholy. Unborn, Broken and cold.

Prepare for the epic journey through the sins of Man which is also known as Humanity.
releases 31 October 2015

Obsidian FX is:
R.DarkArt (sound design, synths)
D.Fox (vocals, samples)

by Obsidian FX