Obsidian FX “Illusions of Darkness”

Obsidian FX "Illusions of Darkness"

Obsidian FX is the hi-tech laboratory specializing in paranormal activity. While we live our lives blind and deaf to the unknown behind the curtain; Obsidian FX is watching, analyzing and recording this invisible matter. Transforming it into audio-waves, then encoding it into audio tracks to be presented to the sleeping world.

What you have here is their encounters and the tales that outlive us all. Be prepared for the assault; watch as the shadows come alive to dance with you. And as you listen know that they listen too. They are around you now and the music is their Pied Piper calling them to dance forevermore.

CD1: 13 Original Tracks
CD2: 3 Original Tracks | 10 Remixes/Re-interpretations
releases 03 August 2014
Obsidian FX is:
R.DarkArt – synths, programming, sound design
D.Fox – vocals, samples

Recorded, Engineered, and Produced by Obsidian FX
Mastered by D.Fox
Artwork by D.Fox
Copyright (c) 2014 Obsidian FX / Xperiment XIII

[Huge thank you to all the artists that created amazing remixes\re-interpretations for the bonus 2nd CD on the album. Everyone put so much into it. Obsidian FX and the team at Xperiment XIII salute you. You are all welcome to come play in the asylum anytime you wish]