Obsidian FX “Phlegm”

phlegm by Obsidian FX

Their album “Illusions of Darkness” has only just been unveiled a short while ago yet here is a completely new offering.

Yes, our beloved patients Obsidian FX have been working hard on more music and visitors have been coming and going. Some visitors have added their talents to tracks while others have worked their magic on transforming the music into their own interpretations.

The haunted souls that wonder these dark corridors have truly been in their element dancing from shadow to shadow. I believe that you too will find this offering to be just what the doctor ordered.

8 Tracks total|4 New tracks|4 Re-Interpretations/Remixes|2 bands feat on tracks

+All proceeds will go directly to the band+
released 24 October 2014

Obsidian FX is:
R.DarkArt – synths, programming, sound design
D.Fox – vocals, samples

Special Thank You to the following bands in order of appearance:

Pheromone: www.facebook.com/pheromone.13

Nitemare Machine: www.facebook.com/nitemare.machine.band

Terrorgasm: www.facebook.com/pages/terrorgazm/214049255283033

Cold Therapy: www.facebook.com/cold.threrapy

Viscera Drip: www.facebook.com/VisceraDrip