Parasite Of God “Outcasts and Freaks”

This album was made over a longer time, our goal has always been to make music we enjoy ourselves. We have a wide range in musical influences and The result is here. We don’t make music to fit in a genre or to tie us down to certain rules, we simply do what we want.

The lyrics on this album mainly follow the same spirit! Stand up proud never bow, follow your own heart and be yourself, leave the judging to the weak ones. If u enjoy this album it makes us proud, if u don’t just Keep searching for the things that makes your life richer!

Best regards

Parasite of God

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Outcast –
Through Sorrows –
releases March 10, 2016

All creations and lyrics by Parasite of God
Recorded in PoG Studio
Mix and edit by Noah Nyman and Wilhelm Berntsson.
Mastered by X-Fusion Music Production []
Artwork by Tomoki Hayasaka of Sheerheart –

Female vocals by Johanna
Visuals and videos Jonathan Brandell [ ]
Guitars by a Shield

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Copyright © Parasite of God / Xperiment XIII