Sarcophagi “Birth of the Betrayer”

Mankind has always searched the unknown in the hopes of discovering answers; and every so often what is found is more terrifying than what the mind and dreams could ever foresee.

Sarcophagic are patients at Xperiment XIII and what I have discovered is as beautiful as it is terrifying. They blend metal with electronic hell to create black magic music to soothe, or antagonize the very beast within that we try so hard to hide.

Their soundscape pulls every horror imaginable to the surface. The shadows come alive with dancing nude angels whose disfigurements and weeping wounds beckon your unbridled attention.

Yes you are in for a ride of your life. A ride that will consume you from the very first offering…

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Sarcophagic have taken 5 tracks from fan favorites and sacrificed them to the gods of now and future. The EP titled “Under The Influence (Volume One)” will let you re-discover classics and fall in love with the new sinister offerings.

Pre-Order Birth of the Betrayer and you will receive a download code for the, as yet unreleased, “Under The Influence (Volume One)” within 24hrs of order.
releases 13 December 2014

All music written and created by Sarcophagic

Original edition: Postmortumn Records 2013
Xperiment XIII edition: Xperiment XIII 2014

Additional sound design by Jas of Unaspected Studios

Artwork: Tomoki Hayasaka of Sheerheart –

Mastered by Jan of X-FUSION PRODUCTION –