Pseudonym for releases: Sarcophagic
Genres Inclined Towards:
Black Industrial Metal, Electro Industrial, Dark Industrial Electro, EBM

Sarcophagic are a group of patients that have found something like peace through music therapy.

We use electronic metal inspired group music therapy which has allowed them to create sinister pieces of sound. It is my opinion that through this route, they will be able to explore their darker inner selves to the fullest. In turn releasing some of the daily nuisances that often build to breaking point for most.

Sound recordings thus far has been a full album titled Birth of the Betrayer and an EP of covers. Both of these are available online for your listening pleasure.

There have been times they have been allowed into the public space and their gigs have been well received by those in attendance and bands they have shared the stage with.

More in-house sessions have been going on and some has already been recorded and will be released in the near future. Till then, be sure to give their previous recordings a listen and support them.